About Us

Here at Arbortecture, Inc. we focus on the art and science of tree care as advocates for the plants.  Service to our clients is based on forty years of experience evaluating the needs of trees and understanding the objectives of the owners by providing a plan to manage arboricultural operations within a realistic budget.

    Our philosophy is one of “economy of action,” implementing essential operations as needed.  For the most part, woody plants which are of a sustainable species and variety appropriate to the site, grown, handled, and planted properly in good soil with appropriate drainage and adequate room for development of roots and crown, require very little if any care other than watering to maintain soil hydration.  All other plants will need attention sooner or later.

Our Crew

The technicians at Arbortecture, Inc. are ISA certified arborists, many also with college educations and a commitment to continuing education in arboriculture.  Always polite and professional, our goal is to ensure that each job is a pleasant experience for our clients (90% of our business comes from referrals and repeat customers) and is the reason we adhere to the performance standards of ANSI A-300 and the safety standards of ANSIZ-133 when carrying out all arboricultural operations.